Welcome to T&F Tax Preparation Services

Where our outstanding team of registered IRS-Authorized Tax Preparers provides individuals, exempt organizations, and small businesses with planning, preparation, and filing of your taxes. We provide in-person and virtual appointments to customers across all 50 states, and offer virtual Walk-In, by using our Mobile Site.

We know the importance of receiving professional help with the planning and preparation of your taxes and are here to support you with numerous benefits such as peace of mind, increased profits, recordkeeping, and accurate tax preparation. You have enough responsibilities, rather you are working to provide for your family, impacting your community, and running a business, we are here to help and elevate the stress when it comes to the multi-faceted responsibilities of tax planning and preparation. 

Part of being a savvy business owner with over 12 years of experience is calculating how much of your income and profits go to paying taxes. The amount you pay in taxes can mean the difference between your ability to save for the future, invest in yourself, or your business being stagnant. Hiring an expert in tax preparation and planning is an investment that reduces your tax bill and saves you money in the long run.

With the everchanging and very complex tax code. Knowing how to apply tax credits that are unique to your individual or industry requires the help of someone with years of experience. T&F has the insights that optimally and ethically increase your deductions and decrease your liabilities.

Our Services

Individual Tax Services

• Joint
• Single
• Head of Household

Small Business Services

• Specializing in *Sole Proprietorships

Refund Advantage

• Taxpayer Advance up to $6000 for qualified clients
• Debit Card Processing

Using TaxWise Mobile is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. With TaxWise Mobile, our clients have a secure way to start tax return from the comfort of their smartphone, computer, or tablet

2. Once a taxpayer clicks the link, you will be asked to create an account, several questions including demographic, income, and expense information.

3. After the data is uploaded and interview is complete, the taxpayer will see an ‘estimated refund’ range generated directly from their inputs.