About T.Y.F Consulting

T.Y.F Consulting is a collaborative business that offers comprehensive grant writing and strategic development services to non-profit organizations, city and government agencies.  

Our goal is to coordinate, support, and influence professionals who provide services within the fields of Education, Juvenile Justice, Community, Social, and Human Services.

We target grant development projects and provide business solutions for professionals interested in contributing to the success of building a stronger community.

About T.Y.F Consulting

About Our Founder

Ny Taylor is the founder of T.Y.F Consulting, a collaborative business that provides professional consultation to small businesses, universities, human service providers, educators, and other professionals who assist in impacting the community and the lives of families, adolescents, and vulnerable adults.

As a Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner (HS-BCP), with a Master of Science degree in Organizational Management, Human Development and Family Studies, and Certified Grantsmanship our founder enjoys assisting businesses, organizational leaders, educators, and other professionals with creating innovative goal-orientations that build strong community foundations and empower individuals from all walks of life.

Proud Member of the National Grants Management Association

Practice Areas:

• Social Services
• Business Planning
• Housing Development -Rapid Rehousing
• Human Development
• University, College, and Community Schools
• Pre-Employment & Workforce Development
• Community Service
• Distance Learning
• Curricula Development*
• Grant Research
• Facilitation/Training/Coordination

Key Areas of Concentration:

• Grants Management
• Proposal Writing
• Project Development
• Strategic Planning
• Education
• Outreach
• Advocacy
• Human Development
• Mentoring
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Volunteerism*
• Community Services

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