Grants Managment

Our Grant Development Managers will work with all the key stakeholders in your organization to develop your strategy around grants, identify grant opportunities, implement specific grant awards, evaluate successful projects, and streamline future proposals.

TYF provides comprehensive full lifecycle grants management.

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Grants are typically available from three sources: government agencies, corporations, and foundations. Each has specific missions, details, and reporting requirements, but the grant process for all is similar. The grant process follows a linear lifecycle with four phases:

• Phase 1: Pre-award – Funding opportunity announcement and application review
• Phase 2: Award – Award decisions and announcements
• Phase 3: Post-award – Implementation, monitoring and reporting
• Phase 4: Closeout – Final reporting and reconciliation

Why You Need Grant Management

Grant management, which some funders call a management plan, first and foremost includes all the administrative responsibilities you must complete during the time frame of the grant. When you manage a grant, you have to ensure you keep all the promises you made in your proposal — which means staying in compliance with the terms of the grant, following through on all the deliverables, and submitting reports according to the funder’s requirements.

The benefits of grant management include the following:

• Avoid Frustration
• Meet Reporting Requirements
• Improve Your Grants Process
• Avoid Complications and Penalties