Grantsmanship Training & Proposal Development

Grantsmanship Training courses are currently available online by web seminar. Whether you’re new to the world of grants or a seasoned pro, our courses can help you and your team excel! Courses start at just $269 for a single attendee. Rates are available for groups of up to 5 people. Contact us for more information and to request a course schedule.


Learn about three types of grant proposals. Create key parts of a grant proposal for your own nonprofit and learn how to avoid pitfalls that plague even experienced proposal developers.


Learn how to find federal grant opportunities that match the priorities of your organization and secure those federal funds.

FOUNDATIONS-  2 Hour Course

Learn how to identify foundation opportunities that are aligned with research goals, tailor their approach to foundation priorities, and the importance of individualizing outreach and submission strategies to attract foundation support.


Learn to manage grants so your organization is in full compliance. Examine critical legal and policy issues. Inspire funder confidence and avoid bad audits and disallowed costs.  Examine real-world situations that grant managers confront every day.

Proposal Development Workshops

We provide proposal development workshops to our clients and partners. Workshops are scheduled as a Full Day of facilitation up to 7 hour per day and currently available by class- in person or web seminar. Workshops are live, interactive, and start at just $269 for a single attendee. Group rates are also available. Contact us to request more information and course schedules.

Research Proposal Workshop 1-3 Days


· Integrating planning into proposals

· Proposal components

· Framing research questions

· Proving significance

· Effective abstracts

· Investigator credibility

Social Enterprise for Nonprofits 2 Days


·Supporting mission

· Protecting tax exemption

· Evaluating opportunities

· Growing income

· Diversifying income

· Teams develop business plans & receive feedback

Designing Programs for Results  1-2 Days


· Identify community needs

· Document need with data

· Specify attainable change

· Link the problem to the change

· Draft effective services

· Create meaningful evaluation

Proposal Review Tools 1-2 Days


· Review program plan basics

· Match problems with methods

· Properly evaluate outcomes

· Select high potential programs

· Diagnose potential weak points

· Create stronger partnerships

Disclaimer: *Prices are standard and may vary based on individual assessment, project proposal, and scope of work. Contract Fees are assessed based on content and delivery of services.